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//What type of candles are available?

What type of candles are available?

With candles you can define and strengthen the atmosphere in your catering facilities. Lumea offers a wide choice of traditional candles with a real flame for the catering industry. Each type of catering candle has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. What do you choose? This blog sets out your choices so you can make the right choice.

Traditional candles for the catering business

With real candles you can adjust the appearance of your catering facilities to your wishes. The authentic, warm flame of a candle can determine the atmosphere in a room. A candlelight dinner hasn’t the image of romance and intimacy without a reason. Candles fill the room with atmosphere. Each type of candle has other functions in the ambient setting. You have a choice, but what is your choice?

Which wax types of candles are there?

First, there are different types of wax which distinguishes them in candles:

  • Paraffin Wax Candles.

This is the most commonly used type of candle. Paraffin Wax is a byproduct of petroleum with a high melting point. This Makes Paraffin wax candles often more sturdy. This type was therefore used for example for stately long candles in candlesticks and in churches.

  • Soy wax candles.

The emission of soy candles is cleaner than that of paraffin wax candles. The wax melts at a lower temperature, making these candles usually last longer.

  • Palm Wax Candles.

This wax is thicker than other types of wax. Palm Wax is more durable than paraffin and soy because it is biodegradable. It is made from fatty acids that are separated from palm oil under high temperatures.

  • Beeswax Candles.

Beeswax is a natural substance that helps cleanse the air from substances that cause asthma and allergies. They burn cleaner and longer than paraffin wax candles and soy candles.

  • Bayberry wax candles.

Bayberry is a vegetable, environmentally friendly wax that is usually combined with beeswax to make a stiffer candle. It has a refreshing, natural aroma.

  • Liquid Wax Candles.

This type of candle is made from a combination of liquid oils, such as mineral or paraffin oil. They burn without producing smoke and soot and are therefore a cleaner alternative to traditional candles. In addition, the flame is extinguished immediately when the candle accidentally falls over.

Candles catering business

What is your choice in traditional candles for the catering industry?

You have a choice in the wax of the candles, as explained above. Then you have a choice in the type of candles that you want to use in your catering facilities. You can usually choose from the following type of wax candles.

  1. Birthday candles

These come in cheerful colors and have a slender shape. You can put them on a cake. It is a nice surprise for guests celebrating their birthday.

  1. Tea Lights

These are compact and light-weight candles. Often very cheap in the purchase. It is advisable to place the tea lights in candle holders. They provide an atmospheric effect. Because they are inexpensive, you can easily use much at once. Please note that the candle wax is difficult to clean from the candle holders and that one tea light will not burn a whole night.

  1. Votives

Like tea lights, this type of candles is cheap. They are slightly larger than tea lights and therefore have a longer burning time. They are ideal for decorating spaces for an event.

  1. Pillar

This wider candle is available in different heights and size. The burn time is usually sufficient to minimize the replacement cost. They are often used in combination with different sizes on a plate or tray for a nice effect.

  1. Taper Candle

This is a long, slender candle that gives a covered table a very different impression. This type of candle gives each room a classic, elegant look.

  1. Pattern Candle

This type of candle has the same authentic, long design as the taper candle, but also has a polished aluminum base which allows the molten candle wax to be absorbed. This type of candle gives a space an elegant look.

  1. Glass candle holder filled with wax

This type of candle comes with a jar in which the wax is kept. This Means you never have to worry about molten candle wax on tables or other objects, as long as the glass jar doesn’t fall over.

Often the pot is thrown away when the candle is burnt. The glass jar is available in different colors and designs for a nice effect in the room and can be used both inside and outside. Because the candle is in a jar, the flame does not blow out quickly.

  1. Oil Lights

With this you have the wonderful effect of a flame in every room without the hassle of candle wax. The oil light is becoming increasingly popular due to its trendy design and low maintenance costs. They are available in different shapes and sizes and offer a long burn time, depending on the size of the oil light. By means of new oil fillings you can replace the oil of the candle.

  1. Floating Candles

This type of candle floats on water without tilting. They are available in different sizes and colors, matching the theme you are looking for. Place these candles in simple, large bowls to create a striking eye catcher.

Are you interested in a safe alternative to traditional candles? Try the Lumea candles. View our assortment of candles for the your catering business in our catalogue or order the perfect model right away online!