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//Terrace Lighting for your restaurant, choose originality!

Terrace Lighting for your restaurant, choose originality!

Spring begins again; The summer is waiting for us. This means that the terrace can be put outside again. For many catering businesses, spring and summer are not only the best seasons of the year, but also the nicest with fun parties and full terraces. It’s a wonderful time of year. What does your terrace look like? Does it invite your guests to take a seat? With the right terrace lighting you give your terrace a new, attractive look. It is the combination between the experience, the sun and the summer drink, so that a guest will really enjoy on your terrace. Certainly also in the dark days the look of your (heated) terrace can lure many people to you.

How to create an attractive terrace for your restaurant, café or bar?

Indeed, most of the annual turnover is achieved by most catering companies in the summer. Restaurants, bars and cafés can show a whole new side of themselves with a terrace and offer their guests a place outside, in the sun and the summer weather. That is enjoyment.

A nice terrace is a good way to add an extra value to your restaurant, café or bar. It offers an alternative place where your guests can enjoy your service. This can attract new guests, but you can also give your existing guests a nice new experience.

Tips for your terrace

What do you have to think about when compiling your terrace? Lumea will be happy to give you some clever tips.

1. Parasols
People come to sit on your terrace to enjoy the weather and the sun. Yet the sun is also the biggest enemy on the outside terrace. Too much sun is not good. Therefore, offer your guests can also enjoy a cool spot in the shade. By using beautiful, large parasols, you can protect your guests from the bright sun, the warmth of the sun, but also against the rain.

2. Heating elements
The Sun is delicious, but as soon as the sun sets, it cools down quickly. However, you want your guests to stay on the terrace for as long as possible. Therefore offer them some warmth through terrace heaters. Then you are not dependent on the weather, but you do stimulate a full terrace during the whole summer. And that is what every catering company wants.

3. Tables and Chairs
Choose from comfortable and attractive chairs, armchairs and sofas to distinguish your terrace from your competitors. Crazy enough, many terraces don’t look comfortable, so guests prefer to skip these terraces. Also remember that the tables are stable on the ground. Choose wooden, aluminum or metal furniture that can withstand the sun, rain and weather. Then they stay beautiful for a long time.

4. Create a harmonious decoration
Your guests should feel that they are sitting in a restaurant, not on the street. Therefore, create a good atmosphere. This can be done by proper flower pots and flower boxes with real flowers. But also choose the right table decoration, such as tablecloths and cushions.

5. Create the right atmosphere during the evening with the right terrace lighting
But don’t forget the decoration when the sun sets. Good, atmospheric terrace lighting is essential for the right ambiance during the evening. Then your guests will stay for a drink, snack or dinner. So choose the right lighting, such as parasol lights and the right table lights or candles. That makes it cozy.

6. Auxiliary Furniture
A terrace also needs supporting furniture and objects that your staff uses to carry out their work. For example a cupboard with tabletop for cutlery, dirty glasses, ashtrays and other necessities. AND does the ATM have enough range from the terrace?

7. Information Boards
You can also use outdoor information boards on the terrace with the daily menus, offers, opening hours or an attractive slogan. That works inviting.

8. Blankets
When it can be cold in the evenings, blankets can give a warm welcome to guests who are getting cold. It is an extra service that you can offer your guests, but also give a cosy atmosphere in the beautiful evening light of the moon, candles and lights.

It is important that you can offer your guests the same service on the terrace as indoors. This requires good planning, but also especially a proper terrace. So Think about it well and don’t save on a good, attractive and comfortable terrace. For many catering businesses there is no one inside, but everyone is sitting on the terrace during nice weather. An attractive terrace is therefore essential to meet your annual turnover.

Terrace Lighting

Advice on Terrace lighting

Lumea can provide you with customised advice regarding terrace lighting. Choose atmospheric lights in different colours or candles that radiate warmth and conviviality. It is an essential addition to the atmosphere of your terrace during the evening. Therefore feel free to check our catalogue or view our candle holders directly and ask a question when you have one. Which mood lighting fits your plans for your patio?