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Lumea candles

Candles in the hotel & food service industry are indispensable. Nowadays, beautiful quality candles are burning in almost every cafe, restaurant or hotel. The food service industry sector is therefore a major consumer of this fiery lighting. For quality long-lasting candles, Lumea is your best bet. Lumea’s food service industry sector candles provide an intimate atmosphere. Our quality candles radiate warmth, both in the figurative and literal sense of the word. They transform your restaurant, hotel or cafe into a cozy and pleasant place.

Lumea candles for the hotel & food service industry sector in all sorts of sizes, colors and purposes

We deliver a full range of quality candles for the tables. We provide beautiful horeca lamps with a modern look, suitable for any interior. We offer beautiful lighting for outside, but also for indoors.

Terrace lighting with our quality candles

Are you looking for table lighting for outside on the terrace? Then pick our hood lighting. These lamps are very strong and available in several colors. The hood around the lamp prevents the candle from going out with every little breeze.

Inside table lighting with our quality candles

Our candles are usually for sale with a hood. However, that does not mean that our table lamps are just quality candles for outdoor use, but also for indoor use. Our hooded table candles ensure that the lamps are safe to use indoors and are compliant with high fire safety standards. When the lamp falls, the fire is immediately extinguished.

The benefits of our quality candles

Our quality candles offer several advantages in comparison to our candle competitors.

Quality candle wax
Each candle is filled with Lumea Liquid Wax. Lumea Liquid Wax is a safe, clean and long-burning candle wax. The wax is long-lasting, making it economically advantageous.

Long burning time
Our quality candles are liquid paraffin jars with a burn time of 12 to 70 hours. As our table lighting lasts for a long time, they are a cheaper option than table lighting that burns quickly. Furthermore, you do not have to replace the lighting every day with new table lamps. That also saves you time, energy and money.

Added value for atmosphere
Our quality candles are of enormous value for the atmosphere in every hotel, bar, cafe, restaurant or lunchroom. The beautiful design of the candles and the warmth that it radiates, creates a pleasant atmosphere.