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//Oil lights for the hospitality industry: atmospheric lighting

Oil lights for the hospitality industry: atmospheric lighting

Cafes and restaurants increasingly prefer oil lamps for the catering sector. They switched from candles to oil lights. A logical choice. Oil lamps offer many advantages over candles in the hospitality industry.

Oil lights for the catering industry


You step into a small, cosy coffee shop in the centre of a city, in opposite of the station. When you enter the coffee shop, you smell and experience a fantastic scent of freshly brewed coffee. There are comfortable chairs in bright, cheerful pastel colors and there are warm, trendy oil lights on the tables with a beautiful design. It is a place that invites you to have a nice cup of coffee and socialize, with perhaps a nice home-baked piece of cake.

Or imagine this scenario…

It is 19.30 pm on a November night. It’s cold and dark. A cold wind makes you like to go inside. The sunset has been some time ago. You get into a bar with a hungry feeling and hope for a good daily menu. Upon arrival you will get a feeling of warmth immediately. The bar has warm wood tones. A nice, friendly man stands behind the bar and smiles to you nicely. You will feel welcome immediately. On the tables are cozy oil lights that give you the warm feeling of being at home. Sit down, order a delicious dark beer or a red wine and enjoy the warm ambiance. On the daily menu there is a stew, your favourite in this cold time of the year.

Oil lights fit in hospitality businesses that go for craftsmanship and quality. The owners want to let their guests enjoy not only the food, but also the service, the atmosphere and the overall experience that is given.

It can be a traditional catering business, but also modern, trendy business with design. For each atmosphere there is an oil lamp that shows and strengthens the right atmosphere.

Practical oil lights for the catering industry

Oil lights are very decorative. They look nice and cozy. In addition, oil lamps have a much longer burning time than ordinary candles. So you need to replace them less often, which will not only save time but also money.

Every catering person knows how annoying it is to have to clean up spilled candle wax or to clean a candlesticks with candle wax. This is a time-consuming task. With an oil lamp this is no longer necessary. The oil light is easily refilled, without the candlestick having to be cleaned. Many catering entrepreneurs are therefore very satisfied with the switch to oil lights. No more those nasty candles and a better, trendy atmosphere in your case.

But it does not stop there. Oil lamps have even more advantages over candles. Candles have an annoying effect on the air in a room. Oil lamps emit considerably less small particles into the atmosphere than ordinary candles. With oil lamps the air in your café or restaurant remains much more pleasant, both for the guests and for the staff. That immediately gives a better feeling when entering.

Oil Lights catering

The decorative oil lights for catering from Lumea

Many cafés and restaurants are looking for a decorative alternative to candles, with the alternative having the same cozy effect, without the disadvantages of candles. These entrepreneurs run counter to the fact that oil lamps that are available are not very decorative.

That’s why Lumea has launched a new, wide range of oil lights. These oil lights are trendy, decorative and diverse. Suitable oil lights are available for every catering business. Feel free to check out our assortment of oil lights in our catalogue.

The oil lights for the catering business from Lumea have many advantages :

  1. Safe to use, much safer than candles.
  2. Long burn time, depending on size up to 70 hours.
  3. No mess, because the oil lights do not leave residues.
  4. Pleasant indoor climate.
  5. Economical, due to the long burning time, little mess, little cleaning time and easy to refill.

Many catering entrepreneurs have already preceded you and have made the switch to oil lamps. Are you interested? Let yourself be persuaded by our attractive oil lights.