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//Buy paraffin candles: made for excellent performance

Buy paraffin candles: made for excellent performance

Lumea offers paraffin candles of excellent quality, specially designed for the catering sector. Paraffin candles are an ideal choice for candles with a comfortable scent that spreads widely throughout the room. Would you like to buy paraffin candles for your business? Then you will read in this blog the benefits and characteristics of paraffin candles.

What are paraffin candles?

Paraffin candles are made of paraffin wax. . It is a by-product of oil production resulting from the refining of crude oil into oil. It is a white solid, odorless, formed of rectangular plates. Paraffin wax is the most used wax for making candles. Most of the candles you buy will be paraffin candles.

There are two types of paraffin wax:

  • Paraffin Wax with a low melting point – paraffin wax with a melting point of lower than 50 ° This type is soft and attaches well to the side of the candle holder. This type of wax is therefore very useful for candle holders and tealights.
  • Paraffin wax with a high melting point – paraffin with a melting point above 50 ° This type of wax is harder and therefore has a higher best structure for use as column lights and votive candles.

Why buy paraffin candles instead of other types of candles?

Why should you choose paraffin wax candles instead of other types of candles?

A major reason is that paraffin wax candles are sold by far the most. This means that this type of candle is also the most produced. These candles are therefore often cheaper to buy, but there is also a wide choice in the range that you can choose.

This means that you can buy these candles in all kinds of sizes, colors and types. Some caterers want consistency in their business, but that does not mean you have to choose the same candles as your neighbors. With paraffin candles, you can be sure of having a wide choice.

Tip: Buy different colors and mat candles for a trendy and fun effect in your business.

Another important benefit of paraffin candles is the consistency of their performance. They burn more or less the same, with the same smell and in the same burn time.

In the hospitality industry a lot of candles are used in candle holders. For fire safety reasons, pillar candles or cupless tealights are barely used. In a container, you can also choose another type of wax, such as soy wax. When you want pillar candles, they are only available in paraffin candles, because of the firmness of this type of wax.

Buy Paraffin Wax Candles

Buy paraffin candles at Lumea

Are you interested in a different type of candle holder for your company? That is a good choice. Paraffin Wax candles are cheaper in purchase and you have a wider choice. Take a look at the Lumea Collection and buy your new stock of paraffin wax candles at Lumea.

Do you need help preparing your order or choosing the right candles for your company? Feel free to send us a message.